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Cartoons & Animated Series: Do you prefer a show to have a set of episodes week-to-week, or be sporadic enough to tide you over all-year round? 

266 deviants said Week-to-week. I prefer knowing I have something new to watch every week.
53 deviants said Sporadic. I may not know when they'll put out a new episode, but at least I won't have to wait months for a new season.

Best Brownies - Regular by dm29Best Brownies - Fuzznums by dm29

Some of you are confused over this “new art style” of mine. Some of you are afraid I’m about to radically change my art style, dumping my legacy of show-accurate stuff.

The “new” art-style, what I call “Fuzznums”, is actually a derivative of how one Rainbow Dash looked in IDW’s MLP Friends Forever 11, which I adapted into a Filly Twilight piece not too long ago, expanding it with my own other adaptations with Shining Armor and Cadance.

All I can do and have been doing is show-accurate MLP and EQG vectors and the Fuzznums look is an experiment in trying something different. It is not a diversion towards a permanent new style. 

The Fuzznums style has its particular uses, such as depth on their faces and a more unique look. It has received some good responses from some of you.  It will not be stopped, not at least until I get tired of it. I have plans for it, revolving around Filly Twilight, Colt Shining Armor and Fillysitter Cadance. I have no plans to feature any other characters.

So consider this as a side project. You’re just seeing a buildup of Fuzznums because I’m toying with it much like I did when I made EQG vectors. I thank all of you for your feedback, nice and harshly-worded ones, and I hope you all continue to look forward to more of my MLP-related work.


dm29's Profile Picture
Julian Yeo
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Twitter: @judacris Tumblr: /r/mylittlepony: judacris

I scribble things on digital canvasses using a tablet and a mouse. I mostly do vector graphics and illustrations.

I'm a designer working for a place and a video game reviewer for the place's alter-ego. I'm a tertiary school graduate with a Diploma in Interactive Media with experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML and Flash.

Other things to note:
  • I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO refuse your commission request with no hard feelings.
  • PATIENCE REQUIRED MLP fanart is not my day job. Your request may take some time and I ask for your patience. It's more magical that way.
  • YOU ARE ALLOWED TO POKE ME WITH A STICK if I haven't responded for a commission or a request after a reasonable amount of time. I have a terrible memory and am very unorganised.
  • SHOUT OUT TO ME if you have a special request. I may just hear you out. No harm asking.

Please drop me a note when you'd like to request something. It's more organised. I will answer them in order when I'm ready to do so.

Generally Important Permission Rules

I'm generally okay with featuring my work online, including fanfic covers, but refrain from making edits of the art for any purpose.
Bases and edits shift the original intent of my work. Please don't make bases/edits of my work unless explicitly allowed.
Refrain from repurposing my work as a remix of your own piece. At least, not without asking.
If you're unsure, please ask me first. Thanks.

Before Commenting...

Check my deviantID for current status.

Refrain from putting requests into the comments. Drop me a note instead. Thank you!


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You were featured 1 time in this Equestria Daily Post…\n Thank you for providing quality material for all of us to enjoy :)
EqDBot Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member
You were featured 1 time in this Equestria Daily Post…\n Thank you for providing quality material for all of us to enjoy :)
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You were featured 1 time in this Equestria Daily Post…
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(This is experimental.) You were featured 1 time in this Equestria Daily Post…
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I just wanted to thank you for all of the flashlight stuff. I honestly don't understand the hate it gets (the complaints are literally the reason I had to leave the fandom). So thanks for putting up with that crap. :)
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I Honestly don't mind the Flashlight stuff, I thought it was adorable :)
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AlbinoFluttershy Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015
Mr. Yeo, I have found a slight problem...

Pay attention to your deviantID. It says that you are a Singaporean deviant.

Next, I want you to pay attention to Twilight in one of your older deviations:

Notice a problem?

Twilight is blowing a bubble with gum, which has been illegal to import or sell in Singapore since 1992. (It's perfectly fine to chew gum in Singapore, but you'll get busted if you try to sell it or import it. Also, it's illegal to dispose of the chewed wad by sticking it on walls, under benches, on the ground, etc.)

I was shocked to find out about that crazy fact about international law; I never would have thought that something as harmless as gum could be illegal in another country outside the U.S.A.
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Singapore is a fine country. 
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