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Equestria Girls: A Rising Sunset
An MLPFIM Fan-script written by Julian Yeo
Twitter: @judacris

Caution: Non-Canon Elements Treated Canonically
The following fan-script explores a storyline that takes place after the events of "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls" and contains a non-canonical pairing. Reader discretion advised.

SCENE: Ponyville Park
Twilight Sparkle and new beau Flash Sentry walk down a path in the park, watching the leaves provide a splash of colour to the ground below.

Flash Sentry: "I gotta say that I like autumn leaves."
Twilight: "I've always loved the leaves falling. They're so pretty."
Flash Sentry: "Not quite as pretty as you."
Twilight: (long pause, Flash Sentry remains still) "I am not... You're such a cheeseball!"
(another long pause)
You're My Cheeseball by dm29

Twilight: (leans closer to Flash) "You're my cheeseball."

(Flash Sentry produces a weak, embarrassed smile)

(cut to expanded view, we see the couple enjoying each other's company amongst a clearing in the trees as leaves continue to fall. We follow one leaf as it falls as the camera returns to Twilight)

Twilight: "So,"

(cut to front view of the two)

Twilight: "What shall we do this weeke–"

(PINKIE PIE EXPLODES with a blast of confetti from the bushes behind them with a bowl of ice cream in one hand...)


( the shock of the couple, causing Flash Sentry to fall over.)

Twilight: "PINKIE! What are you doing?!"
Pinkie Pie:  (shoves sundae bowl at Twilight's face)  "♫ 'It's a sundae partae~' We were supposed to have it at Sugar Cube Corner, but you weren't there."
Twilight: "Oh. (embarrassingly because it becomes clear she forgot) Was that today?"
Pinkie Pie: "Er, duh? But don't worry, that's why I brought the party to you!"
Applejack: (walking in with the rest of the Mane Six, Spike included, already gobs stuffed with ice cream) "We told Pinkie that you'd be... er... busy? But she really insisted on springing on yer and we couldn't stop her because she already bolted out of Sugar Cube Corner."
Twilight: (apologetically) "I'm really sorry, guys. I didn't mean to stand you all up."
Rainbow Dash: "Don't worry your head about it. We understand."
Flash Sentry: (getting up from the ground, to Pinkie) "So, what are we celebrating?"
Pinkie Pie: "Nothing."
Flash Sentry: (quizzically) "Nothing?"
Twilight: "That's just like Pinkie Pie. She likes to host practice parties."
Flash Sentry: "Oh. M-May I join you guys?"

(Pinkie Pie, off camera, tosses Flash a sundae. cut to Pinkie)

Pinkie Pie: "Sure! I'm always prepared for extra party guests."

(Flash smiles, as the rest do.)

Fade to SCENE: Ponyville Park
Some time has passed, and everypony is enjoying themselves. The bunch is split into two. Flash Sentry is with Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Spike and Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy are with Twilight Sparkle.

(close up on Twilight putting a spoon of ice cream in her mouth, watching Flash Sentry and his group in the background, as he and Pinkie Pie laugh when Rarity swoons Spike over with a spoon of her sundae)

Fluttershy: "So, how was your date with Flash?"
Twilight: (coughs on her spoon) "WHAT?! (pans to the rest of Twilight's group) Don't be silly. We're just close friends."
Rainbow Dash: (sarcastically) "Yeah, right, Twilight. We've seen you two making looks at each other. Haven't we, AJ?"
Applejack: "I know a couple in love when I see one, Twi."

(Twilight, blushes madly, fumbling for an excuse)

Applejack: "Oh, relax, sugarcube. Being in love is nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to all of us, even Rainbow Dash here."
Rainbow Dash: "Yeah! Wait, what?"
Applejack: "Don't deny that you get all dreamy-eyed when you meet that Soarin Wolderbolt fella."
Rainbow Dash: "That's different! I respect him as such an awesome professional!"
Fluttershy: "That's not how I saw it."
Rainbow Dash: "Name one time."
Fluttershy: “The Grand Galloping Gala?”
Rainbow Dash: "That doesn't count."
Fluttershy: “That time you hung out at the Wonderbolt Academy..."
Rainbow Dash: “I was ENROLLED.”
Fluttershy: "Or that stargazing picnic you brought me along for?"
Rainbow Dash: “No. Don't you go there, Fluttershy."
Applejack: (teasingly) "I'm sure you two saw plenty of stars. In each other's eyes."
Rainbow Dash: "NO!"

(The little scuffle in good fun is broken as we see Twilight giggling)

Applejack: "Anyway, Twilight. What we're trying to say is that we're glad you got your own loverboy, but don't forget about us."
Rainbow Dash: "Especially if we already had plans to hang out."
Twilight: "I know, girls. I'm sorry I forgot about our little party. I would never ditch you guys on purpose."

(They smile, enjoying the rest of their sundaes)

Fluttershy: "So... how *was* your date with Flash?"
Twilight: "Well, ..."

(Pan to intro sequence. Representing Twilight’s recollections, silhouettes of Flash Sentry and Twilight are seen having their little dates at the Library (introducing Twilight Sparkle, Spike) along with her friends in the following brief scenes including Sugar Cube Corner (Pinkie Pie), Fluttershy's Farmyard, Carousel Boutique (Rarity), Sweet Apple Acres (Applejack) and in the park (where Rainbow Dash is napping on a tree) among other cast members.)

SCENE: Ponyville Park
The party wraps up, and Pinkie Pie gives Twilight a goodbye hug.

Twilight: “Thanks for the party, Pinkie Pie.”
Flash Sentry: “Yeah, that was fun!”
Pinkie Pie: “Aww, you guys are too kind. Will I see you at my next party?”
Twilight and Flash Sentry: “Of course!”

(The two, realising they responded in unison, blush.)

SCENE: Golden Oaks Library/Twilight's Treehouse
Twilight Sparkle, Flash Sentry and Spike, perched on Twilight’s back, reach Twilight’s Treehouse, Twilight gives Flash Sentry a hug and she watches him fly off. Spike and Twilight enter their home.

Twilight: “It’s great to be home.”
Spike: “Especially after all that... (burp) ice cream. I’m going to go lie down.”
Twilight: (chiding) “Tummy-ache, Spike?”
Spike: “No, just brain-freeze.”

(Spike ascends the bookshelf stairs, before Twilight musters up the courage to ask)

Twilight: “Um, Spike?”
Spike: “Yeah, Twilight?”
Twilight: (gently trots up the same stairs) “What do you think of Flash?”
Spike: “Whoa, no. Don't give me that. C'mon, Twilight. Brain-freeze!”
Twilight: (whining voice) “Oh, c’mon, Spike. Help me out. Surely you don’t dislike him?”
Spike: (sighs, monotonous voice) ”He’s a dreamboat. He’s very charming and not to mention, he's a member of the Royal Guard.”

(Twilight has a pouty, sad face)

Spike: (regular voice) "Twilight, I have no reason to dislike him. He's a nice fella. And I'm sure your friends like him too."
Twilight: (insecure) "Well, he seems to get along well with my friends…"
Spike: (ascends stairs) "Y'see? No problem at all."
Twilight: "except…"
Spike: "'except' who?"
Twilight: "Well, haven't quite told my brother yet."
Spike: "Shining Armor? What's he got to do with any of this?"
Twilight: "Well, only Princess Cadance knows about me and Flash, but I don't really want to hide secrets like this from him much longer."

(Spike gives up his pointless ascent, and sits down on a stair instead as he thinks for a while)

Spike: "Well, maybe you can meet them in the Crystal Empire and bring Flash along?"
Twilight: (hoof to chin in contemplation) "That's not a bad idea, but do you think that could work?"
Spike: "Like you said, Princess Cadance already knows, so she's practically rooting for you. Shining Armor will understand when he sees it from her side. Plus, you're his little sister whom he cherishes and loves. It can't be that bad, right?"

Shining Armor: "THIS IS BAD, RIGHT?!"

Cut to SCENE: The Crystal Palace, Crystal Empire
Shining Armor appears to be freaking out over some unsettling news, revealed to be a horrendous pile of charred pancakes in a smouldering pan which he brings to Princess Cadance for closer inspection.

Cadance: (nonchalantly) "Yes, sweetheart. They're burnt."
Shining Armor: "(sigh) I used to be good at this."
Cadance: (lovingly) "You'll get it right, just keep trying."

(A Royal Messenger pony approaches the Royal Couple)

Royal Messenger: "Your Highnesses, a message has arrived from Princess Twilight Sparkle."
Cadance: "Twilight?"

(Princess Cadance takes hold of the letter and reads it, soon becoming panic-stricken)

Shining Armor: (still attempting a batch of pancakes, curious) "What's it say?"

(Princess Cadance hides the letter, shaking her head, refusing to let her husband read it)

Shining Armor: "What's going on? Is Twilight okay?"

(Princess Cadance keeps mum. Shining Armor instead returns a curious look. Princess Cadance decides she can't keep that particular secret from Shining Armor anymore)

Cadance: "Twilight is coming to visit."
Shining Armor: "Oh. But you love Twilight."
Cadance: "Twilight is bringing one of her friends."
Shining Armor: "Um, okay. I like her friends?"
Cadance: "Her boyfriend."

(Shining Armor's puzzled look gradually turns to shock and disbelief)

Worst Fears Realised by dm29

Shining Armor: (freaking out) "WHAT?!"
Cadance: (reassuringly) "Calm down, Shining Armor. You're overreacting."
Shining Armor: "'Calm down'?! After that!? Why didn't she tell me?"
Cadance: "Well, you didn't tell her about our wedding, I believe."
Shining Armor: "So she's doing this to spite me? She's too young to go out with a boy!"
Cadance: (annoyed) "We were seeing each other at her age!"
Shining Armor: "That's different! And since when did Twilight get a boyfriend?"
Cadance: "Soon after the Mirror World fiasco with Princess Celestia's former student."
Shining Armor: "Hang on. You knew about this!"
Cadance: "Well, someone had to! I practically saw it start!"
Shining Armor: (in a rage) "Who's the diabolical FIEND?!"

(Princess Cadance, tried of the questioning, uses her magic to lull Shining Armor back to a more calm state)

Cadance: "Let's leave that for when Twilight introduces us to him herself, shall we?"
Shining Armor: "But I have to kn-k… Mmm, alright. I love you, Cadance."
Cadance: (rolls her eyes) "I know."

Fade to SCENE: Canterlot Castle, that night.
Princess Luna stands in front of the Magic Mirror, as Princess Celestia approaches her sister.

Princess Luna: "I've accelerated the moon phasing calibrated on this mirror like you requested, sister. If your calculations are correct, the mirror should open well before the thirtieth moon."
Princess Celestia: "Thank you, Luna."
Princess Luna: "Do you think it will work?"
Princess Celestia: "It might, or it might not. Princess Cadance and I looked through the archives of the Crystal Empire in search of more information on this mysterious mirror. Then I had it brought here to Canterlot for closer study."
Princess Luna: "If I may ask, why are you doing this?"
Princess Celestia: "Because there's somepony who does not belong in the mirror world. She came from ours. And as much as I appreciate Twilight's help on this while regaining her crown, we cannot keep her there."

Fade to SCENE: Crystal Empire Train Station
In the morning, Twilight gets off the Ponyville Express to a waiting Flash Sentry on duty in the usual Royal Guard armour.

Twilight: (meekly) "Hi, Flash."
Flash: "Hello, Your Highness. You needed me to escort you to the Crystal Palace?"

(The two start walking the distance to their intended destination)

Twilight: "Yeah, about that. It's not merely an escort."
Flash: "What do you mean?"
Twilight: "I thought it'd be great for you to get to know Shining Armor and Princess Cadance."
Flash: "But I know the Royal Couple."
Twilight: "Well, yes. But... (decides not to beat around the bush) Flash, I'm going to introduce us to my brother."
Twilight: "He's okay with you, right?"
Flash: "Not when he finds out I'm going out with his little sister, I'm not!"
Twilight: "Oh, he's gotta know eventually. It'll be fine. I promise, okay?"

(Flash Sentry displays concern, particularly for his well-being)

Flash: "Alright."

(The camera zooms out as we see the broad view of the Crystal Empire and the Crystal Palace)

Fade to SCENE: The Crystal Palace
Twilight dashes into the main hall, excited to see Princess Cadance, who's alone. Twilight and Cadance trot their little meeting dance. Flash Sentry sees no rush to bring himself inside.

Cadance & Twilight: ♫ "and do a little shake!" (they giggle)
Cadance: "Ah, and this must be Flash Sentry."
Flash: "I am, your highness."
Cadance: "You don't have to be so formal, Flash. Relax."

(Flash Sentry, unable to process such a request from the royalty he serves, gives a confused expression)

Twilight: "Where's Shining Armor?"
Cadance: "Oh, he should be here in a while. He's still a little huffy."
Twilight: "He knows?"
Cadance: "I'm sorry about that. It's just that I had to tell him you were seeing somepony when we got your letter. He deserves to know, although I didn't tell him who because I'd thought you'd do it."
Twilight: (moves in and hugs Cadance) "Thank you, Princess."
Shining Armor: "Twily?"

(Twilight's brother enters the main hall, Twilight's goes towards him and Shining Armor taps her gently, lovingly on the head.)

Shining Armor: "How've you been, Twi?
Twilight: "Well, I–"
Shining Armor: (interrupts) "Is this him?"
Twilight: (cheerily) "Uh huh! Big brother, There's someone I'd like you to meet. This is Flash Sentry."

(Flash Sentry, still fearing for his life, manages a salute to the Captain of the Royal Guard. Shining Armor scans Flash Sentry from head to toe and realises)

Shining Armor: (composed) "An adequate specimen, like all members of the Royal Guard."

(Long pause, as if the rest we're waiting for Shining Armor to blow up)

Twilight: "Wow. I was expecting more of a reaction from you, Shining Armor."
Shining Armor: "(sighs) Twilight, as your BBBFF, I won't stop you from seeing this guy if you really like having him around. It's not like I could order him to not see you... (considers) although..."
Cadance: "You will do no such thing."

(Shining Armor folds his hooves and pouts.)

Shining Armor: (under his breath, evidently still huffy) "I could."
Cadance: "But you won't, (and I'm proud of you, sweetheart). Well, we have tea waiting for us in the other hall."

(The four make their way to the other hall. Shining Armor holds Flash Sentry back without the princesses knowing and confronts him)
Best Buds by dm29

Flash: (surprised) "eep!"
Shining Armor: (menacingly) "Listen here. Twilight is the most precious thing to me as it has been my whole life. I hope for your sake I'd never have to hear from Twily that you stepped out of line. Understand?"
Flash: "Y-yessir."
Shining Armor: "Good. (friendly tone, as if nothing happened) Geez, relax, Flash. We're joining the girls for tea."

SCENE: Crystal Palace Tearoom
Some time passes, the four are enjoying a round of tea complemented with the usual accompaniments. Twilight is regaling stories about her time spent with Flash Sentry.

Cadance: "...No. You didn't."
Twilight: "I didn't. Flash did. He didn't succeed."

(The two laugh while Flash Sentry reaches for a muffin, under the watchful glare of Shining Armor. He has another reach for the muffin, but goes for a cookie instead)

Shining Armor: "ow!"
Cadance: (who nudged her husband) "You're doing that thing again. Will you relax?"
Shining Armor: (closes in on Cadance, whispers) "I'm eating that muffin."
Cadance: (whispering) "We can request the pantry for more!"
Shining Armor: (whispering) "I want that one!"
Cadance: (whispering) "They're the same! Don't be such a big baby!"

(Shining Armor, ready to grumble some more, is interrupted by a Royal Messenger pony who rushes in.)

Twilight: (showing concern) "Is anything the matter?"
Royal Messenger: "My apologies for the interruption, your highness. Princess Celestia calls on the presence of Princess Cadance, Prince Shining Armor and Princess Twilight Sparkle to the Canterlot Castle when next the sun rises."
Shining Armor: "Did she say why?"
Royal Messenger: "No specific reason was given, sir."
Shining Armor: "I don't quite like the sound of that."
Cadance: "Hmm. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow."

SCENE: Golden Oaks Library/Twilight's Treehouse
Twilight returns home with Flash Sentry, they both enter.

Spike: (arranging books) "Oh. Hey, Flash, Twilight. How did it go?”
Twilight: “It went well. Surprisingly, Shining Armor took the news rather coolly, right, Flash?"
Flash: (in a spot) "Er, right."
Spike: "Have you heard from Canterlot?"
Twilight: "How did you know about Canterlot?"
Spike: "Oh, a royal guard came by looking for you and gave your number one assistant the message. I guess Princess Celestia sent more than one guard out."
Twilight: "Well, without Princess Celestia telling us what is going on, I won't know what to pack. I guess I have to prepare for anything."

(There is a knock at the door. Flash Sentry, closest to it, swings it open to reveal the rest of the Mane Six.)

Twilight: "Hi, girls!"
Applejack: "Oh, good that you're home, Twilight."
Twilight: "I just came back from meeting my brother and Princess Cadance."
Applejack: "Oh, are they going to Canterlot too?"
Twilight: "They are, but... Say, were you all summoned by Princess Celestia?"
Mane Five: (nodding) "mm-hmm"
Rarity: "But we didn't know why so we came here to see if you had any idea."
Twilight: "Sadly, I don't. For Princess Celestia to call upon all of us without telling us why like this really worries me."
Fluttershy: "Don't worry, Twilight. We'll be there with you, no matter what happens."

(This eases Twilight up a little, revealing a smile)

SCENE: Canterlot Castle Grounds, The Next Day
Twilight, Spike, the girls and off-duty Flash Sentry approach the main steps of the castle, with Princess Celestia at the top ready to receive them. They all bow as they usually do.

Twilight: "Hello, Princess Celestia."
Princess Celestia: (she walks them into the Castle) It's nice to see you again, Twilight, and all of your friends. But, who might this be?" (pointing out the orange colt in the midst of Twilight's friends)
Twilight: "This is Flash Sentry, a friend of mine I met at the Crystal Empire."
Princess Celestia: "Oh, so you're Flash Sentry. I've heard things about you, Flash."
Flash: "Good things, I hope, Your Majesty?"

(Princess Celestia winks. Pinkie Pie nudges and makes fun of Flash's supposed celebrity status.)

Princess Celestia: "Well, I suppose you'd all like to know why I had to call all of you here today."
Applejack: "Very much, Princess."
Princess Celestia: "I'm sure you all recall Twilight's adventures with the Magic Mirror from the Crystal Palace?"
Twilight: "Is something wrong with the portal?"
Princess Celestia: "Not exactly, Twilight, although it is any chance of a 'something' I would like to prevent."

(They reach a door, and opening it reveals the Coronation Hall, with Princess Luna and the Royal Couple already waiting inside. There are bookshelves around the hall. On the stage, the Magic Mirror.)

Shining Armor: (looks up) Hey, Twily. Your Highness, and everyone.

(There is a brief silence as Princess Celestia checks on things.)

Rainbow Dash: "I'm sorry but what is it again we are trying to prevent?"
Princess Luna: "A disruption across dimensions. Namely our world and the mirror world."
Princess Celestia: "We have somepony in that world who doesn't belong there."
Mane Six: (realisation) "Sunset Shimmer!!"
Princess Luna: "Correct. We've managed to speed up the moon phases calibrated to the mirror so it can be opened again, but in much less time than it would normally take."
Princess Celestia: "Only we do not know what would happen once we open it."

(Princess Celestia brings forth a familiar chest)

Princess Celestia: "Twilight, here are the Elements of Harmony. Your friends will need to charge them at you before you bolt magic at the centre of the mirror with your crown. Cadance and Shining Armor, you'll then aim your magic straight at where Twilight's is. Flash Sentry, stay close to us and be ready for anything."
Princess Luna: "It's almost time, Sister."
Princess Celestia: "Then let's get ready. On your count, Twilight."

Twilight: "Okay, Princess. (looks to Mane Five) Girls?"
Mane Four: (echoing) "Ready!"
Applejack: "Ready when you are, Twilight."
Twilight: (looks to the Royal Couple) "Guys?"

(They nod)

Twilight: "Alright. Here goes. One...
(cut to the Canterlot Sisters)
(cut to Flash Sentry gullet as he swallows in terror)

(The Mane Five gulp a breath and leap as the power of the Elements radiate from them before releasing that onto Twilight for her to translate into a combined bolt of all six elements into the mirror, which doesn't reflect it.

On cue, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance aim their bolts at the mirror, which causes it to warp to a liquid-like state before a soft glow emanates from said mirror.

The beams of magic stop as they settle down to investigate the reaction, cautiously anticipating for whatever that emerges, if anything even does.

The camera pans across the faces of our ponies, showing signs of confusion, anticipation and fear. Twilight, having faced the Magic Mirror before, bravely steps forward.

She gently approaches the glowing mirror.




And out of nowhere, the mirror projects a blinding light as an orange blur slams into our curious Princess, the impact knocking her back.)

Twilight: "OOF!!"

(All of them go around Twilight, who appears dazed but otherwise fine.)

Princess Celestia: "Call for the medics, Flash."
Flash: (responsively) "Yes, Your Majesty."

(We see Flash bolt out of the room, the camera's attention moving back to the roughed-up Twilight. Twilight feebly attempts to get herself up, assisted by Shining Armor)

Shining Armor: "Twilight. Are you alright?"
Twilight: "I think... I am. But who..."

(She peers to her side at the mysterious orange being whom Princess Cadance helped up, revealed to be the pony that is...)

Twilight: "Sunset? Sunset Shimmer?"
Sunset: "ohh... My head... Twi... Twilight? NO. (frantic, disbelief) STAY BACK. WHERE DID YOU TAKE ME. WHERE AM I?!"
Twilight: (cautiously approaching, slightly limping) "Sunset, it's me. Twilight Sparkle. (gently embraces her, comforting) You're back home in Equestria, where you belong."
Sunset: "H-How is that possible? The portal was sealed."
Princess Celestia: "We'll spare you the details for when you get better. It seems the trip you took back through the portal has disorientated you."
Sunset: "Princess... Princess Celestia?"
Princess Celestia: "Again, there will be time for all the formalities later. The Royal Medics should arrive shortly. Rest for now."

(Sunset Shimmer, still unclear of what is happening around her, looks at Twilight, as if the only source of comfort in this room of confusion.)

Welcome Home by dm29

Twilight: "It's good to have you home, Sunset."

Fade to SCENE: Canterlot Castle Medical Wing
Twilight has her bed surrounded by the Mane Six as we see Spike approaching the group. Watching over Sunset Shimmer's bed next to Twilight's is Princess Cadance.

(Spike goes to Rarity for comfort and she responds with a gentle hug. The camera pans towards Twilight, who then wakes up at that point after much needed recuperation. A murmur of concern resonates within the group. Spike leaves Rarity to go to Twilight)

Spike: "Twilight?"
Twilight: "Spike!" (one hoof goes in for an embrace)
Spike: "Are you okay?"
Twilight: "I'm much better now. It was just a bump on the head I wasn't expecting. (pause) Where's Flash Sentry?"
Rainbow Dash: "He's back with Shining Armor in the Crystal Empire to check up on things, y'know, Royal Guard things, while Princess Cadance hung around to help."
Twilight: "Oh. (looks at the adjacent bed) How's Sunset?"
Fluttershy: "The two of you came in at about the same time, but Princess Cadance says she hasn't awoken since she fell asleep."
Twilight: (concerned, eyes still on the adjacent bed) "I hope she's wakes up soon."
Applejack: "Why do you care so much about her, Twilight?"
Pinkie Pie: "Yeah. Did you forget she took your crown and you had to go to that weird other world where they walk on two hooves to get it back, and that Spike was a DOG!?"
Twilight: "Well. She was mean when she stole my crown. She was pure evil when I was in the Mirror World. But I believe in her. With the help of my friends I left her with in the other world and us, here, she'll know what it truly means to be a friend."
Princess Celestia: "That's extremely noble of you to say, Twilight."
Twilight: "Princess Celestia!"
Princess Celestia: "That's the other reason why I brought her home. She has her past faults, but Sunset Shimmer needs our support now. A second chance. I believe all of my students is deserving of that."

(Smiles go all around the Mane Six, now with the promise of meeting and helping out a new friend.)


Flash: "Here we go. I think you'll love this."

SCENE: Canterlot Public Square
Twilight, well recuperated, is on a date with Flash Sentry and are having milkshake-style beverages with froth that look like muffin tops. A grey pony is next in line at the kiosk.

(Twilight has a go at the muffin-top froth, while Flash sips his drink.)

Flash: "How is that other pony from the other world?"
Twilight: "Sunset Shimmer is doing a lot better now. (cautiously) Do you... know her?"
Flash: "Hmm... I can't say that I do. Not before that time when your crown was stolen and you ventured into the Mirror World, at least."

(They both take another sip at their beverages)

Flash: "There's also something I've been meaning to ask you, Twilight."

(Twilight has her attention on Flash, clearly enjoying herself, sugared up by her beverage)

Flash: "What was it like in the Mirror World?"
Twilight: "Well, it was really scary and confusing at first, Spike and I had to learn some new thing on our own. But then we found a few familiar friends and we were soon on our feet again."
Flash: "Familiar?"
Twilight: "Some of the folks there had the same characteristics as many of our friends here in Equestria. They even had the same names. Almost as if, we were parallel."
Flash: "Parallel. Was there a 'me' there too?"

(Twilight was hesitant to reply. She did want to keep Mirror World Flash Sentry from intertwining with the one sitting in front of her. We see Flash Sentry's expectant look.)

Twilight: "There was. He's exactly who you turned out to be."

(The two ponies suddenly have that look in both of their eyes. Some kind of romance music plays.)

???: "Twilight?"

(The two snap out of whatever that was and realise somepony has been watching them.)

Twilight: "Oh, hi, Sunset."
Sunset: (walks towards them) "Who's your friend?"
Twilight: "This is Flash Sentry. Of Our World."
Flash: "Hello, Sunset. It's nice to finally meet you."

(Flash Sentry puts a hoof out for a shake, but Sunset Shimmer doesn't respond. Instead, she takes a closer look at Flash Sentry, before she actually notices the outstretched hoof and reaches for it before she suddenly clutches her head in agonising pain.)

Twilight: "What's wrong, Sunset?"
Sunset: "ugghhh...AUGHHH!!"

(Sunset Shimmer passes out)

Twilight: "Oh, no! Sunset! (to Flash) We have to bring her to Princess Celestia!"

(Twilight helps Sunset Shimmer onto Flash Sentry's back. The two pegasi fly off.)

SCENE: Canterlot Castle
Princess Celestia is on her sungazing balcony and she hear calls from below.

Twilight: "Princess Celestia!"

(Princess Celestia leaps off the balcony and flies down to the aid of the calling ponies)

Princess Celestia: "Oh dear. What happened?"
Twilight: "We don't know!"
Flash: "Sunset Shimmer held my hoof and then she was aching in pain, holding her head, and then she passed out."
Princess Celestia: "Guards (she calls to some), help Sunset Shimmer inside to my quarters. Twilight, follow me inside. Flash, I'm sorry but you'll have to excuse us."

(The castle doors close in front of a concerned Flash Sentry. Fade to black.)

SCENE: Ponyville Park
Flash Sentry is perched on a park bench. More of the autumn leaves have fallen but the trees can still be seen shedding her leaves.

(Flash Sentry appears forlorn and expecting somepony. Cut to some familiar cantering purple hooves.)

Flash: "Twilight?"

(Flash Sentry hops off the bench and walks up to Twilight, who has her head hung down.)

Flash: "Twilight. I haven't seen you since we... What's the matter? Is everything okay?"
Twilight: (head still hung down) "No."
Flash: "Is there anything I could do to help?"
Leave Me. by dm29

Twilight: "Yes. Just one thing. (a teardrop falls off her lowered head onto the ground) Leave me."
Flash: "What?"
Twilight: "Leave me."
Flash: (slowly approaching a visibly distraught Twilight) "What are you saying? What's wrong, Twilight?"
Twilight: "LEAVE!"

(Flash Sentry gets struck to the ground by a bolt of magic.)

Twilight: "I'm so sorry, Flash. It's over.

Leave me."

(Flash Sentry, overwhelmed with pure agony, grasps the thin air between him and Twilight in an attempt to stop her, before she runs off and teleports in a flash of bright pink.)

SCENE: Canterlot Castle, that night
We see the quiet halls of the castle with guards on patrol.

(A pony-like figure lays in hiding amongst the shadows, darting about to avoid the attention of the patrolling guards.

Various close-ups of light-footed hooves scuttling across hallways build up the mystery to a shot of a guard crossing a closed window, only to hear a clink from behind him.

He turns to investigate the now open window that is letting a draft from the cloudless night outside.)

SCENE: Crystal Palace, Crystal Empire
Fade to wide shot of the Crystal Palace, then the main hall and then to the  Hall of Artefacts, where Flash Sentry is having a word with Shining Armor.

Flash: "Princess Celestia remains adamant about not telling me exactly what is going on. I'm at a total loss at what to do."
Shining Armor: "Leave her, huh?"
Flash: "What?"
Shining Armor: "Her words to you were for you to leave her?"
Flash: "That's all she said."
Shining Armor: "Maybe give her a few days. If Princess Celestia has something she won't tell you about, sometimes it's best to keep away, as hard as it is."
Flash: "I don't understand. I didn't do anything."
Shining Armor: "I know. From what I heard, I believe Twilight did this on her own will. And that was very hard for her to do. I can tell Twily liked you a lot."
Flash: "Do you think so?"
Shining Armor: "I know so. Twilight never had a lot of friends before she moved to Ponyville, and she never had anypony special before you came along. You're special."
Flash: "Thank you, Shining Armor."
Shining Armor: "Whatever reason she has for doing this, I hope there's a solution for all this. Because I want to see her happy again."
Flash: "I do too..."

(Camera zooms out from the two gentlecolts)

"...even if it means I can never see her again."

Fade to SCENE: Golden Oaks Library/Twilight's Treehouse
Echoes of weeping can be heard from the treehouse. Inside, we see the Mane Five and Spike hanging out in the outer library.

Rainbow Dash: "(sigh) She hasn't been out all day."
Rarity: "Twilight's in a lot of pain over Flash Sentry. I can't imagine how she's feeling."
Spike: "I'm sorry you guys can't go see her, but she's not at her best right now."
Applejack: "Has the Princess been here all day?"
Spike: "Princess Cadance came in this morning as soon as she heard from the letter I sent. I didn't know what else to do."
Applejack: "You did yer best, Spike. I'm sure Twilight appreciates what you did."
Spike: "How long do you think it'll take for her to get back on her feet?"
Rarity: "It's hard to say. There are some things you simply cannot let go."
Fluttershy: "I wonder what caused them to split up this way."

(Camera pans to the stairs leading to the inner library, where we see Twilight's bedroom on the upper floor. Princess Cadance lays upon Twilight's bed, one wing caressing a weeping Twilight Sparkle, hooves crossed over face, huddled in despair. Weeping continues. Princess Cadance appears helpless, but comforting)

Cadance: "Twilight, please stop crying. It hurts me to see my little sunshine so sad."

(Pause. Twilight whimpers.)

Cadance: "We're all still here for you, Twilight."

(Pause. Twilight whimpers some more .)

Cadance: "Would you say something, please?"

(Pause. Twilight whimpers less, and raises her head from her hooves, but is focused on the floor.)

Twilight: "I gave him up, Cadance. I needed to."
Cadance: "Do you still love him?"
Twilight: "Of course I do. But it hurts that I can't tell him it wasn't his fault."
Cadance: "Why can't you tell him? He needs to know."
Twilight: "I can't."
Cadance: "Why not? There's nothing to be afraid of..."
Twilight: "Because I promised Princess Celestia."
???: "Ha. That's just so like you."

(Princess Cadance and Twilight are surprised to know they aren't alone in the room anymore for out of the shadows comes Sunset Shimmer, except with glowing eyes and no pupils.)

Sunset: "You were alway Celestia's little lackey."
Twilight: "Sunset?"
Cadance: "How DARE you talk about Princess Celestia and Twilight that way!"
Sunset: "Oh, my apologies, 'your highness'. Don't let my rudeness get into your head. I'm only here to grab one thing."
Twilight: "The crown's not here, Sunset."
Sunset: "Oh, I'm not here for the crown. I'm here for you."
Cadance: (steps in front of Twilight in protective stance, tauntingly) "I'd like to see you try."

(Sunset Shimmer leaps into Cadance's direction, disappearing just in front of her in a flash before reappearing in another behind her as she rolls away. She had teleported through space. She grabs Twilight in the process, a firm hoof around her captive's neck.)

Twilight: (softly) "Cadance..."
Sunset: (to Cadance) "Goodbye."

(Another crack is heard and the two teleports in a blinding flash, leaving Princess Cadance behind in the empty bedroom, at a loss, as Spike and the Mane Five barge their way in after the commotion.)

Cadance: "She took Twilight..."

SCENE: ???
Twilight, scuffed up from the encounter, lay apparently unconscious in pitch black. We hear echoes of Princess Celestia's voice.

"You have to forget him, Twilight."

"I'm afraid that you continuing this relationship with Flash while Sunset Shimmer is back in this world will put you and him in danger."

"I know to ask of you to do this is extremely unfair."

"I'm sorry, Twilight."

Twilight: "Princess Celestia..."

(Twilight awakens, and manages to stand up, unclear of where she is or what brought her here.)

Twilight: "Hello? Anypony?"

(Twilight ventures around the infinite darkness)

Twilight: "Is anypony here?"

Twilight: (to self) "Oh. Where am I?"
???: "Twilight?"
Twilight: "Who's there?"
???: "Twilight!"

(Twilight looks around, before she gets knocked over on herself by somepony orange, revealed to be Sunset Shimmer, without the sinister look she had.)

Sunset: "Twilight. You came for me."
Twilight: "Whoa!"

(Twilight forcibly shoves Sunset Shimmer away. The alicorn warms up the magic in her horn.)

Twilight: "You keep away from me."
Sunset: "Twilight... It's me. Sunset Shimmer..."
Twilight: "Release me at once."
Sunset: "I don't understand... What's going on?"
Twilight: "I'm not falling for your ruse, Sunset. Give it up."
Sunset: "But Twilight..."
Twilight: (pouncing on a confused Sunset Shimmer) "RELEASE ME."

(A cackling breaks the silence around the two)

???: "So quick to judge, Twilight."

(It was the sinister voice of Sunset Shimmer, except, it wasn't coming from the pony Twilight has pinned. It was another Sunset Shimmer, only darker.)

Sunset: "Oh no. She's trapped you too?"
Twilight: (shouting at the voice) "This isn't funny, Sunset, or whoever you are!"
Sunset: "Twilight, don't..."
Twilight: "I'm not afraid of you!"
DSS: "Oh, really. Then again, I suppose you have been through a lot. You even beat me once back in the Mirror World, or did you?"
Twilight: "No. But you don't have my crown..."
DSS: "Like I said, I never needed the crown! I only needed YOU."
Twilight: "Why are you doing this?!"
DSS: "I had things going fairly well after you left the Mirror World. Mirror World Flash Sentry had a void he needed filling after the girl he loved dearly disappeared. And then you brought me back here, Twilight. You and those infernal princesses. Little Sunset there wanted so much to come home, but I didn't.

I thought I'd give in. Regress. Until I met your Flash Sentry. I realised then that I could easily translate this world's mindless wonder with his counterpart from the Mirror World and proceed as planned, ending both worlds in the process."

Sunset: "Leave Flash Sentry alone!"
Twilight: "You won't get away with this!"
DSS: "Oh, but I'm about to. Taking that nopony would be easy. Then, it'll just be me, and I'll do away with the both of you as a final treat."

(Dark Sunset Shimmer disappears. There is a brief pause.)

Twilight: "Sunset..."
Sunset: "I'm so sorry, Twilight. I couldn't control her anymore."
Twilight: "Where did she come from?"
Sunset: “I don’t know. She appeared soon after I stepped into the Mirror World. I was wrong to defy the Princess and was afraid to return to Equestria to face the consequences of my arrogance, so I hung around and tried to blend in. My return in an attempt at your crown wasn't my doing. It was her.

When I was brought back, I could feel us splitting apart. I was glad to have her gone, until..."
Twilight: "Until you met Flash Sentry's pony counterpart."
Sunset: "After I was unconscious, she must've decided to take it from there and she trapped me in my own mind. The dark me never left. We escaped Canterlot Castle, looking for Flash Sentry, but it looks like she got you out of the way first."

(There is a silence as the both of them take all the new revelations in.)

Twilight: "Sunset, we have to stop her..."
Sunset: "We can't. She's too strong now."
Twilight: "We have to try!"
Sunset: "Even if we do, no one will believe me after all of this."
Twilight: "I believe you. I believe IN you. Do it for our friends, both in Equestria and in the Mirror World! C'mon. As a student of the Princess, you KNOW you can do it!"

(Sunset Shimmer reaches Twilight as they embrace. Their horns visibly glowing with magic.)

"You're a great friend, Twilight."

(The glow intensity builds, and Twilight disappears, leaving sparkles in her trail before Sunset Shimmer passes out.)

SCENE: Coronation Hall, Canterlot Castle
We glimpse an orange figure, out of focus. Things come into focus as it tries to get up. It is Flash Sentry, back at Coronation Hall.

Dark Sunset Shimmer by dm29

DSS: "Rise and shine, Flash."
Flash: "S-Sunset Shimmer? Where am I?"
DSS: "You're in the Coronation Hall. I believe you saw them throw me out of the mirror that day?"
Flash: "Yeah, but how did I get here?"
DSS: "You were leaving the Crystal Palace, were you not? Picking you up was a simple matter of (jumps through space) teleportation.
Flash: "Why did you bring me here? What do you want?"
DSS: "You were more significant than I thought, Flash. You and the other one from the Mirror World. You are the last piece to my plan. With you, I can take down both of these worlds."

(A flash of light with a familiar crackling sound is heard.)

Twilight: "Not today."
DSS: "Twilight. Huh, I thought my head felt lighter."
Twilight: "You won't succeed, Sunset Shimmer. Princess Celestia knew you'd return to the mirror. You're too late."
DSS: "Am I? (Dark Sunset Shimmer flashes in and out of thin air, huddling Flash Sentry)

(Suddenly, a bright jolt. Flash Sentry is knocked out by Dark Sunset Shimmer's magic-by-huddle. She releases him, and he collapses to the ground) Whoops!"
Twilight: "FLASH!"

(Twilight dashes forward to confront the evildoer)

Twilight: "NO!"
DSS: "There's nothing you can do now, Twilight. He'll be gone, while I gain strength! It will be the end of both of these stupid worlds!"
Rainbow Dash: "Twilight!"

(Twilight turns around. The rest of her friends have arrived, donning their respective elements. Rainbow Dash is hovering and has Twilight's crown in her hooves)

Rainbow Dash: "CATCH!" 

(She throws it, it glows on its flight to the princess. Twilight magically puts it on and attempts to put it to good use. The princess fires bolts of magic, only to miss each time, as Dark Sunset Shimmer jumps in and out of space to avoid them. Twilight soon loses stamina, sadness coupled with rage, and is pinned down by Dark Sunset Shimmer)

DSS: "Face it. Love has made you weak, Twilight. Weak.”

(Dark Sunset Shimmer goes in, about to do Twilight in, before interrupted by)

Shining Armor: "Don't you DARE take my Twily and call my wife's element WEAK."

(The rest of the princesses finally arrive, notably Princess Cadance, who is standing on two hooves at the hall entrance, carrying Shining Armor. Princess Cadance grunts as she tosses Shining Armor in the direction of the Magic Mirror. The stallion leaps off the mirror, essentially giving it a good bucking, tipping it over.)

DSS: "no..."

(The mirror falls in slow motion for dramatic effect. It shatters as it hits the ground, some of the gems that adorn it come loose. Dark Sunset Shimmer's hooves start to glow in an erratic manner as her body begins to rise from the ground.)

DSS: "What have you done..."
Twilight: "Get your hooves off my friend."

(The resolution to this entire fiasco, Twilight primes herself for one good hit. A bolt of magic fires, and the layer of darkness enveloping the real Sunset Shimmer rips apart in a shriek of defeat. The unconscious Sunset Shimmer falls, but is caught by Shining Armor. Princess Cadance goes to help Twilight up. Everypony crowds around Sunset Shimmer, who eventually gains consciousness. She calls out to...)

Sunset: "Princess Celestia."

(The princess leans in)

Sunset: "Oh, Princess Celestia... (reaches over to the princess) I'm sorry for what I've done, all the trouble I caused. I was mean to everyone. I was terrible. I did want power but power took over me. I didn't mean to do all those things."

Princess Celestia: "I know, Sunset. Whatever it was, it's gone now. Because you fought it. You gave it up in the end because you know it wasn't what you wanted. True power must come from within you."

(Sunset Shimmer smiles at Princess Celestia sincerely. We expand out to see the embrace of the student and her teacher. Twilight, although pleased to see Sunset Shimmer reunite with Princess Celestia, is distracted.)

Twilight: "Flash!"

(Twilight Sparkle goes to the aid of Flash Sentry. Distraught, she throws herself at Flash Sentry, still limp, holding him close.)

Twilight: "Flash... I'm sorry, Flash. Don't leave me. Please."

(Twilight weeps. There is a long pause of silence, but then again, this is a family show.)

Flash: (eyes opening) "Never."

(Flash Sentry manages to commit to his side of the embrace. They both don't let go.)

Twilight: "You cheeseball..."

SCENE: Great Hall, Crystal Palace
The hall, decked to full party decor courtesy of Pinkie Pie, is playing host to another Sundae Party, only not a practice party, but a real one.

(The Royal Couple, The Canterlot Sisters, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Spike are in attendance. We see them in full celebration mode, enjoying all that a signature Pinkie Party has to offer.

The doors open, revealing the arrival of Twilight Sparkle and a new friend.)

Twilight: "Hey, everypony. I'd like for us to meet, once again, our good friend, Sunset Shimmer."
Pinkie Pie: "Ooh! An extra guest! Always prepared for that!"

(Pinkie Pie hooves a bowl of ice cream to Sunset Shimmer, as she is escorted away by the Mane Five.

Twilight, ensuring her new friend is in good hooves, spies a lonesome pony by the window.)

Twilight: "Flash."
Flash: "Twilight! How're you feeling?"
Twilight: "Much better now."
Flash: "Oh, that's good."
Twilight: "You've got some ice cream on your face there."
Flash: "Oops, where?"
Twilight: "Here."

(She goes in for a long kiss, which Flash returns. The camera zooms out on the lip-locked couple, onto Shining Armor and Princess Cadance. Cut to a view of them.)

Shining Armor: (uncomfortably) "Uh... I think I'll go get more ice cream."
Cadance: "But you're plenty sweet already."
Shining Armor: "Oh, not you too... I'm gonna be sick."

(Shining Armor walks off while Princess Cadance looks on until she decides to catch up on her husband. Fade to close.)

(Credits roll.)

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", "Equestria Girls" & Original Characters (C) Hasbro
I thought that writing something to further the storyline of Equestria Girls as well as the roles of Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer would be something fun to do. Plus, c'mon. Would Celestia really dump her former student in the humanoid world?

I never had so many ideas come together like this and I just kept going. There were several drafts and the usual rewrites of certain scenes, but I tried getting everypony as involved as I possibly could, not making it too forced but not having Twilight so everything herself.

This fan-script, my third, is written in the usual close-to-show style. Nothing over the top, but the message of a budding relationship has to be brought across somehow. They kinda did it with Equestria Girls.

Also there's plenty of fresh art in this one. I think it helps being the story to life. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this.


"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters Hasbro
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"I had things going fairly well after you left the Mirror World. Mirror World Flash Sentry had a void he needed filling after the girl he loved dearly disappeared.
And then you brought me back here, Twilight. You and those infernal princesses. Little Sunset there wanted so much to come home, but I didn't.

I thought I'd give in. Regress. Until I met your Flash Sentry. I realised then that I could easily translate this world's mindless wonder with his counterpart from the Mirror World and proceed as planned, ending both worlds in the process."

:? (Confused)Don't you think that needs a little more explanation?
I mean what do you mean DSS wanted to fill in Mirror Flash's "Void"?
And how does getting to Flash have anything to do with the destruction of Equestria and the Mirror world?
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(Shining Armor folds his hooves and pouts.)"

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