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Problem Solved by dm29 Problem Solved by dm29
So Twilight Sparkle is getting wings. I've feared the day. Let me use my Doctor Who analogy. I didn't like it when David Tennant changed into Matt Smith at first, but I got used to it. The 11th is more clumsy but he's the Doctor now.

So let's all get used to it. Don't get your ponies all up in a bunch.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters Hasbro
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ColtonDRG Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
I love your Doctor Who analogy. I feel exactly the same way.
TwiandFlashy Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool, but Apple Jack still needs to tie rainbow's wings behind her back. 
SandyFeral Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
I was actually happy when twilight got her wings. VERY excited too.
CommanderEX Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
This kind of remind me of race where AJ ad RD draw in last place when Twilight got 5 th place, not bad.

The whole no wing rule seems unfair, same with no magic rule, after all Earth Ponies are far stronger and have more endurance then other races, so in every physical competition no wing and no magic rule give Earth Ponies complete advantage.

by the way, Alicorn is theoretically half Unicorn, half Pegasus, half Earth Pony with huge amount of magic and durability so they wont die form they own power, so do this mean that as Alicorn, Twilight can not only train her magic and train her flying ability but also practice her strength and endurance ?
Or Alicorn Strength come only from they big size and Twilight with her small size can not become as strong as Earth Pony ?

Any theories ?
KiraTheShipper Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Student Photographer
I'm tired of all the hatred Twilight is getting for becoming an Alicorn, but I admit, this is hilarious.
Nobodyspatzy Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oh no, not Fall Weather Friends (I have bad memories of a flame war involving that episode... THE HORROR!)

Anyway, liked this lil piece, made me smile, albeit a bit on a semi-nostalgic memories with the community I was with at the time. Something about RD though... she is hiding something!
dm29 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Feels good to have wings, though, right Twilight? Oh wait."
Jh5kRadio Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Student Artist
Dayofthemonth Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Quit pushing your luck, RD.
saturdaymorningproj Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
hahaha xD
PKelton Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
well I wouldn't go so far to say "So let's all get used to it" but I still think the people doing the show are trying their best so. so lets see what they do.. I have to admit I have not enjoy this season as much as previews one but "Sleepless in Ponyville" did surprise me,, so who knows ?!
Ashoof Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
lol the looks on there faces lol
MillenniumFalsehood Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I like to think of it as new potential for stories. How will Twilight adjust to her new abilities? What about her friends? Can she handle the responsibility? These questions and more, when we return in Season 4. ;)
nemryn Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
What responsibility? In canon, it's not clear that the title of 'Princess' comes with any official duties.
MillenniumFalsehood Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
No, but it is clear that they get an increase in magical potential, which implies greater responsibilities ("with great power comes great responsibility"). Sort of like going from command of a destroyer to command of a battleship in terms of raw power, I should think. In today's navy it isn't much more than show to command a battleship, because they're an obsolete class, but it still comes with a great responsibility not only in terms of the people under one's command but the sheer power of the ship's weaponry. I imagine being crowned a princess in this universe is similar. It's head-canon, but it works.

Twilight also seems to be getting lessons in controlling her panicky nature from Cadance, and it's at least having some effect if the events of last week's episode are anything to go by. Perhaps Cadance is in the know with this whole coronation thing (if it was pre-planned, as S3E1-2 suggested) and since she is the closest to Twilight Celestia had her give Twilight lessons in calming oneself.
cronomatt Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
Umm, its just wings she'll never be good at using (yet still be better then Scootaloo) and even MORE magic. She's been raised around the princess her whole life and responsibilities are kind of her thing in the first place. That's not a lot to work with at all.

Wouldn't it make more sense for Rainbow Dash to become an Alicorn?
-Makes it show all awesome things don't happen to the one with the silver spoon in her mouth, but sometimes the one with the most lonely life before her friends
-Makes it show how RD adjusts to magic
-Gives Twilight the benefit of growing stronger under Celestia and Zecora on her own without a power boost
-Adds drama of RD becoming part of elite society which Twilight's been around all her life
-Adds even greater drama cause the reasoning of Dash becoming an Alicorn would likely be hereditary
-With the season premier of season 3 all about her, it makes the other 5 seem like just her side characters. Why do you think there were episodes in Season 1 and 2 with the whole gang, but RD was the leader (ex. Buffalo episode, Getting Applejack back, etc)? It was to spread out the main character status.

I have faith in the writers to turn this into something good, but if its as straightforward as they've been saying it is, its going to be a bad move. But like I said, I believe they can turn this around.
MillenniumFalsehood Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Just because a person is good at managing a McDonald's doesn't mean they'd be good at being a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Twilight's special talent is magic, but she still needs to practice, and having that much responsibility dumped on her may be too much to handle despite having had plenty of responsibility in the past. We've seen her freak out when stuff gets real, so I think she'll find being a princess more work than she's able to handle. At least at first.

Why would you assume she'd be bad at flying? She's never flown before, so we have no idea whether she'd be any good at it. For all we know, flying comes naturally to anyone with wings. The only pegasus with no flying skill is Derpy, and that's because she's got whacked out eyes.

Let me counter a those points:

-Twilight may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she lives in Ponyville, which is the equivalent of Yoder, Kansas. She's had to work for almost everything she gets, and she prefers it that way because it's her nature. By all rights, she's going to get this dropped on her but it will not be a picnic. This show teaches you that with great power comes great responsibility, but with Twilight being the one with the power it can now be shown more prominently.
-RD would have no use for magic, because as far as she's concerned, she's cool enough without it.
-Even the highest level unicorns don't have access to the highest level magic, and even though Twilight's special talent *is* magic she will need to be an alicorn to access the greatest levels of power.
-RD doesn't value high society, even if she appreciates it. She would rather be flying than mingling with anypony other than the Wonderbolts, just like every pilot I've ever known. Twilight was never part of elite society; she was *anti*-social until she went to Ponyville, preferring to keep her nose in her books rather than up in the air with the Canterlot elite, a fact that has been pointed out many times in the show.
-Heritage isn't the cause of drama; conflict is. There's much more potential with Twilight being an alicorn to have drama than Dash because her character is arguably more complex and certainly more developed, and her relationship with the rest of the Mane Six is one of leadership which can cause conflict (and thus more drama) if she's got a more visible symbol of leadership in a new pair of wings.
-Well, with all due respect to the rest of the Mane Six, it *is* all about her and has been from the beginning. She's the one that was supposed to oversee the Summer Sun Celebration, she's the one that's the Princess' personal protege', she is the group leader, she's the one that activates the Elements of Harmony, etc. The others are there to provide a foil for Twilight, at least at first. Now they all have their own episodes because Twilight's character is limited, but with Twilight being an alicorn they have more possibilities with her character.

I have faith this will be good. We've had 63 episodes and only two of them are really that bad, so with that track record I have confidence that they will pull off this new change gracefully.
cronomatt Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
Sorry If I lost it there with 'THAT'S THE POINT", I just thought that was kind of obvious. Read 'Mother Nearest' + 'Alicorn'(its a single story in two parts), its a really good read.
MillenniumFalsehood Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
That's okay. We have differing viewpoints on this, which is clear, and I'm not trying to insult you or your favorite character(s) in any way. Twilight is my favorite obviously, which is probably why I see these qualities in her, and I'd love to see her get this "upgrade".

You've got a lot of good points, and I'd rather not try and sway you one way or another. I'll probably stew on your points for a while, and you might change my mind on a few things. We'll see.

I'll look into that story. :)
cronomatt Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013

The best discussions are when we both come to understand something from one another :D

Honestly, I would of liked it if you explained to me why you prefer Twilight over Rainbow Dash. Not that there isn't a lot to love. She has a lot of heart, and she's very adorkable. But she's always been a bit demented to me, and not in a healthy way. Sometimes morality doesn't matter to her, and she worships her mentor like a goddess. (yeah, she is a goddess but that's besides the point) She is a very god-fearing person, which is a sign of weak will to me if you know your god personally. I just never liked the chosen one that was pampered her whole life to be amazing. From my perspective, if Trixie knew that Twilight was the Element of Magic, I think her choice to find the Alicorn amulet was justified. (she didn't know it was cursed)

RD's "Let me tell you a secret, but if you ever mention it to anyone else, I will deny it" pretty much confirmed everything I suspected about her life....there was no one. No one ever comforted her, no one ever took her fears away, and the only way she resolved them was by growing stronger then anything she feared. If she ever did have parents, they were the most uncaring parents ever, but that doesn't seem to be her issues.
MillenniumFalsehood Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
True. :D :iconbabsseedplz: Can we staht ovah? ;)

Okay then, I'll try to explain why I like Twilight so much and why I think this is a good decision.

This may come across as self-centered, but it's because she reminds me of me before I started going to a university and socializing. She's book-smart, but not very street-smart. She's honest to a fault, sometimes to the point of hurting others without realizing it, but she's kind, and if she realizes she's hurt someone she never fails to apologize to them. She might seem demented, but from my perspective it's a manifestation of OCD, which I have a mild case of. It can make a person seem pretty demented when things aren't going right, because it can take hold of your better senses and make you a little crazy (or a lot in Twi's case). As for the god-worship, that's something I see about myself, and with me it's just very healthy respect for authority, to the point of bending over backwards to please them. From my perspective, Twilight sees Celestia as someone who can commit no wrong, probably because Celestia is pretty open and would probably own up to mistakes, and because she is very kind to Twilight. When someone in authority is kind to me, it makes me want to please them, so that's how I see Twilight's behavior.

So from my point of view, there are a lot of things about Twilight that make her leadership material: she's very much fixated on rules and law, but tempers that with a kind attitude and a genuine love for other ponies. She has a tendency to blow things out of proportion, but it stems from a desire to do right and keep ponies safe, and if she has the power to see the world for what it truly is rather than mortal sight, then she will probably be able to identify the real problems that much easier.

I do like Rainbow Dash, but not quite as much as Twilight, for a few very good reasons. She's cocky and can be insensitive. She's reached out before, but it took some doing and she still spoke before she acted even when she realized that she was hurting her friends' feelings. Rainbow has a tendency to rush into the situation without thinking, and the only thing stopping her was Applejack biting her tail or Twilight telekinetically holding her in place. If she had the magic abilities of an alicorn, she would probably abuse the power. It wouldn't be on purpose, because she still has a heart of gold, but she doesn't think often before she acts, and this could cause terrible damage if she fired off a burst of magic or did something else without direction. It's inevitable, and I can imagine how much it would hurt her to do something like that to someone. She might not mentally recover, freezing when the bad guys arrive because she's not used to having to do much thinking. This isn't to say she's stupid, but rather that she's just cocksure and impatient, and has relied on the others to reel her in when she's about to make a mistake.

Twilight wouldn't have this problem, because she always thinks before she acts, and even if the logic filter she has sometimes causes her to be a bit insensitive and arrive at the wrong conclusion, it gets the job done in a clever way that is best for all concerned. Take the incident with the dragon: she tried negotiation, which almost worked, but her backup plan was to have Fluttershy use her way with animals to convince the dragon to leave. She didn't anticipate her fear of dragons because she was unaware of it, but her plan was pretty clever nonetheless. Rainbow Dash on the other hand was in favor of rushing in and kicking the dragon out by force, against Twilight's wishes, and was all too happy to follow through. It didn't work.

In fact, that's Rainbow's solution to just about everything: she tried punching out Discord, she punched a Crystal Pony civilian to get information, she smiled when it was clear they had to resort to violence to defeat the Changelings, and several other incidents.

She'd make a terrible leader for that reason. Her go-to solution is to shoot first and ask questions later, and this sort of attitude leads to wars. Can you imagine RD at the diplomacy table talking to other nations' ambassadors? It would be the buffalo incident all over again, only this time a real war, fought with real magic, would be conducted. She would probably realize her mistake, but it would be too late by that time to rectify it and she would live to regret it.

Twilight's cool head in a crisis would be the opposite reaction. She would remain objective and try to find out the other ponies' grievances, then try to arrive at a solution that didn't involve violence. It would take longer, to the chagrin of someone like Rainbow Dash, but it would work.

And that's why I think Twilight will work as one of the Princesses over Rainbow. (I can explain my reasons for thinking she would be a better choice than the rest of the Mane Six, but this should suffice for now)
cronomatt Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Thank you for sharing me your view of Twilight. :) It helped me learn a lot from you. Like you suspected yourself, I think you missed a lot of subtleties about Twilight by identifying with herself too much.
cronomatt Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
I respect that you identify with Twilight Sparkle. I was the awkward kid in High School. But you and she are nothing alike, and you've created an image of her that is partially true, but partially false.

For example...

"but it stems from a desire to do right and keep ponies safe, and if she has the power to see the world for what it truly is rather than mortal sight, then she will probably be able to identify the real problems that much easier. "

I have no idea where that came from. Twilight loves her fellow ponies, just like all of them. But her tendency to blow things out of proportion does NOT stem from a need to do right or protect her fellow ponies, it stems from, and has ALWAYS stemmed from, her urge to not disappoint Celestia. 'Prison AND banishment? seriously Twilight?'

You must be confusing her with Rainbow Dash, who quit the wonderbolts out of principle because they were seeming to approving methods that could endanger her allies and especially her friends ...not the person who was ecstatic when she found out the Cerebus had got out of Tartarus just so SHE could stop worrying about it.

Being insensitive is not RD 24/7, and insensitivity can MANY times make a point go deeper. Leaders CANNOT make their friends stronger and closer by coddling them... Twilight dances around the issue and coddles her friends.

Who was IN the right bringing Fluttershy in Dragonshy?

RD of course. Twilight wasn't planning for her beating her phobia or getting stronger by it, like RD was in Hurricane Fluttershy being a strict but responsible leader who looks out for her friends. All she saw was someone who might be useful if everything worked out the way she WANTED. It did not, not until the last moment. It was an urgent and dangerous matter, and Fluttershy slowed them down significantly and made the travel more dangerous. What was the problem with her message to the Princess that day? You MUST have seen it. It counted on FORCING a dangerous situation on a UNWILLING backup plan and friend. Had Fluttershy been willing, that's a different story. It all came down to Fluttershy putting her fears aside to talk down to the dragon. Twilight IGNORED that possibility that she wouldn't, not out of faith.

Plus, a real leader doesn't go crazy twice endangering herself and her own friends. She doesn't lose control over her magic enough to turn all her hair on fire or blow her house up 30 feet into the air.

"It would be the buffalo incident all over again, only this time a real war, fought with real magic, would be conducted."

Another point that came completely out of nowhere. Was Twilight in the Buffalo episode? I barely remember. RD was the main character of that episode trying to convince the Buffalo and Earth Ponies to peace.

What was Celestia's action when Chrysalis revealed herself? Instant action just like RD, but unlike her fellow rainbow demi-god pony, she had become lax in 1000 years with her nigh infinite power. Celestia used her base-power, and it nearly killed Chrysalis just to push it back, but Chysalis managed to summon enough energy to push it back.

You completely misremember the Buffalo episode. The qualities of a leader is to move a negotiation closest to happening. Twilight was completely ineffectual. What did RD do in the Buffalo episode?


She heard the buffaloes side of the story with complete apathy on her face as a sign of neutrality and strength. She then pounded the ground with a shockwave enough to shock the buffalo and said she would negotiate out of her sense of moral right, putting her grievances against Strongheart over in an instant.

That means she has a RARE mix of open-mindedness, determination, soldier-like charisma, wearing her heart on her chest yet being able to control it with incredible power. Few have leader instincts as best as her. Her initial negotiations with two-sided and reasonable, only ruined when Applejack riled up Braeburn, and Braeburn riled the others.

Think about it. Buffaloes had NO respect for ponies up this point, and within the span of a single day, their Chief looked her into the eye pleading as a complete equal and said "what would you have me do, Rainbow Dash?" Removing Pinkie Pie's song out of the equation, it was RD's words on finding a better solution 'you don't want this to happen any more then we do' that placed an enormous seed of doubt on the Chief, to the point while just a look of little stronghearts plea was enough to break his spirit.

Spitfire:"Your no wingpony Rainbow're a leader (the other trainees look up to her morality, and salute her)"

"Twilight's cool head in a crisis would be the opposite reaction. She would remain objective and try to find out the other ponies' grievances, then try to arrive at a solution that didn't involve violence."

Again, a skewed view of RD, and a skewed view of Twilight. Twilight has neither the charisma nor the or the ability to PUSH, herself or others, to be a leader. Tell me, what happened when the parasprites got out of control? RD's plan and power WORKED until Pinkie Pie messed of it, and still tried to salvage it. What did Twilight do? She casted a spell of 'stop eating food' on an unknown species, and it made things worse...and she then lost it. So three instances of crazy under pressure.

You see RD as somebody as a brute, someone who always sees violence as the solution. You are quite wrong.

1) Rainbow Dash about to attack Nightmare Moon and being stopped... To her, Nightmare Moon was a monster who was a danger to all her friends in the room.

While Superman was conceited when he said this, it sort of fits when her friends aren't even CLOSE to as powerful as she. Superman: "The more hits I take, the less hits you guys have to get." Do you know who Superman's personality was at RD's age was? Rainbow Dash's.

2) Rainbow Dash going after Trixie...Not confronting Trixie about her arrogant attitude eventually led to Twilight taking revenge.

3) She punched a crystal pony and was willing to do fencing with Fluttershy to lift their spirits. She did the right thing, and it is a mark of her leadership. When the stakes are high, a leader has to use extreme measures to get information and protect her friends. With Twilight and Celestia tying her hands, she had to do everything she could for the citizenry as a whole, even do painful fencing practices and asking Fluttershy to make it as convincing as possible for the sake of keeping them entertained.

4) Was willing to hurt the FlimFlam Brothers? She weighed her loyalty to Applejack with the morality of running them out of town, and made a just decision. Things turned out better thankfully, but a leader must be able to protect what is precious to her even ignoring rules and contraints. Twilight showed she was able to be almost INCAPABLE of doing this until the very last second in the Crystal Empire, and IT NEARLY COSTED EVERYBODY'S LIVES!!

Had Twilight's leadership been on RD's level, she would of caved into practical thinking very quickly. Twilight is still way below Rainbow Dash's level.

What would of happened if Celestia not constrained the other 5 in what they could do? Rainbow Dash could of delayed Sombra for the sake of Spike and Cadense by Sonic Rainbooming into him when he solidified.

Willing to defeat Discord with violence. Willing to do the same to Sombra. Being eager to beat up the changleings.


Discord needed to be stopped, and even without her wings, she was willing to fight a chaos god. The changlings were ENEMY COMPATENTS attacking the populace, and needed to be defeated with extreme prejudice, and did it in very clever ways to protect her friends even in the heat of battle. Had her friends not been around, she could of fought harder and more recklessly annihilating the second wave of changlings with SonicRainbooms, Tornadoes, and dangerous levels of speed and fighting ability. She didn't cause she knew constraint.

And last, her qualifications as an alicorn. She has a reckless side, but also a very strong moral side, and has near infinite will and heart. Her unicorn horn could pierce the heavens with her will and power. Making Twilight an alicorn only increases the power, dangers and ego she already has by accident.
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cronomatt Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Can't Disagree with you more :D

I see you've missed a lot of the subtleties of Rainbow Dash character. A LOT. I'll explain the ways you were quite incorrect in a little bit, but to give a long story short....your treating her like a 2-dimensional character instead of a 3-dimensional one. You only look on the surface while for Twilight you ignore the faults cause you associate with her.

"Twilight's cool head in a crisis would be the opposite reaction."

See what I mean? When your fanning of Twilight, your ignoring her core character elements. But I digress, I'll clarify a lot of mistakes you made in that analysis in a little bit.
cronomatt Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
I'm not saying it wouldn't be a trouble for Twilight, it just wouldn't be as interesting. Its not nearly that big a leap for someone who's already a arch-mage unicorn who lived in Canterlot.

I assume she is bad at flying because Applejack established she is weakest and most uncoordinated phsically of the group, and Pegasi live with their wings for their entire lives on top of that. Its simple logic (unless she uses godly levitation that Celestia uses, in which case, the wings are just for show anyway)

-Twilight is the least responsible Pony in Ponyville. She was given her library by the Princess, and gets an allowance for her education cause no one pays when they borrow her books. Her 'hard work' is nullified because she is the ONLY personal student of Celestia, JUST due to her raw magical fluctuations as filly, and her 'hard work' is even MORE nullified by the fact we learn she is a natural genius in episode 53, and has barely had any trouble with her studies. Meanwhile RD is the struggler, and always has been. Her physical abilities are the best in the world cause she trains herself to death for her dream of being a Wonderbolt(Yes, power naps included, many athletes do it) The other 4 are already settled in their way of lives.

-What's worse, she is also the most mentally unstable of the group, and not in a relatable way. She is the group science loon, who has snapped twice and cared nothing about others on her quest for finding the/a problem, and has lost control of her magic twice out of anger for inane reasons, while RD's anger is more understandable but dynamic.

-Of course she would have no use for TRADITOINAL magic, that's the point! The only way it would ever present itself is a giant beam of Rainboom energy. She has the highest will out of all the 6 bar none. Twilight becoming an alicorn is just an upgrade for her in the sense of magic. This also ends any possiblity of Trixie returning in S5 or something as a hard working sorceress. If she went to Ponyville after a year of training her magic to its peak instead of taking shortcuts, and saw Twilight lifting up houses with ease and a princess alicorn, she'd bite a bullet. Could a humbler-now, hardwork nobody surpass a natural talent, Element of Magic, apprentice of Celestia?....We'll never know now.

-Zecora already refuted that headcanon completely by telling her that she COULD grow stronger then Trixie, the one with the ALICORN amulet, with time and practice. While she is not a unicorn herself, she is a high level mystic, and knows what she is talking about. But time, and Twilight being distracted by Trixie's taunts, were not on her side, so they created the plan instead. Watch the episodes more closely next time. This Alicorn power up just gives her the power up instantly.

-THAT'S THE POINT! She has NO experiance with high society, or interest. That is what we call conflict. With Twilight, she's attended social gatherings all the time, as shown where she greets guests alongside the Princess. She's ALREADY part of high-society on some level, and even more so with her Captain of the Guards Brother, and his wife being a Princess

-No, heritige alone doesn't cause drama...but having no heritage does, making RD very complex. Twilight is the top 3 LEAST complex ponies of the 6. She is single-minded about her studies, she accepts everything on a whim ("Can we see the recipe for the love potion?" "I'll tell you all at breakfest, I Pinkie promise.") while RD sees through lies because she is STREET smart and more complex. Her greatest nightmare is Celestia being dissapointed at her, while RD's greatest nightmare is EVERYONE IN HER HOME TOWN DYING BEFORE HER EYES. She was pretty awkward in Season 1, but that's basically disappeared by Season 2, Fluttershy being far more awkward and dynamic a personality due to her shyness/anger limits duality. Fluttershy crying about how she just didn't measure up conquering her fears was FAR more dynamic then anything we've from Twilight. She is smug about being right to the point of being rude, even to the point of making Doughnut Joe feel like shit (thanks for the save Rarity). RD's assumed rudeness is shown to be a farce for her low self-esteem and her deep over protection of her friends. To make RD even more complex, she has SEVERE monophobia. The concept of being completely alone terrifies her to the bone. Look at this article questionnaire I made for a bounce back writer in the third to last panel.
Heck, even in the most recent episode, when she heard Tank crash out of her field of vision, she instinctively teared up like crazy until she saw her pet was all right. She has enormous amounts of trauma, and beyond her going to flight camp, we want to know more about her. With Twilight, what's to know? Her obsession with Celestia as a god-like figure, FAR more then the others, is her only dynamic character trait

-With all do respect, the show has been at its WEAKEST when its all about her. She is one of six. The most prominant one in season 1, but no more then that. Lesson Zero was such a good episode because it satired her being 'the main character'. What was Twilight's main character role in "The Last Roundup"? Nothing, because for the sake of the good story, she was just one of the six, even though it was all 5 trying to get Applejack back, RD was the main character. Nothing in the crystal empire episode made sense cause they were trying to SAVE a KINGDOM, and she was more concerned about doing it the Princess' way instead of relying on others to the point of putting everything at risk.

-Rainbow Dash CREATED the new generation elements of harmony with her power, she is the strongest will in Equestria, she was given a trial of darkness ALONE in episode 2 while everyone got trials of simple judgement alongside their friends, and defeating Discord all depended on getting HER back from the TOUGHTEST trial of seeing hundreds of Pegasi die, of which Twilight had no trial(until later along with Spike) but losing faith of her own. She is the OBSERVER main character, like John T Meyers in Hellboy 1. She acts rational for the group sometimes, and shares creating plans with Rainbow Dash, but she is also the 2nd most unstable of the group, and her responces to most situations initially aren't interesting.

-This is the first time corporate decision making has influeced a decision over the writers on a main character. The first was the creation of Cadense, but that was a new character and something they could work with. This, not as much. From the sound of the writers, she's just going to be in Ponyville, but more powerful then ever and a Princess for S4. Not that interesting, and it inflates Twilight's character.

However.... I will admit there is one upside to this. If the group gets imbalanced, and the IF corporate guys don't make it the Twilight Sparkle show, its natural for RE-balancing...and yes, more enemies. Super Rainbow Dash, Discordian Pinkie Pie(who can alter reality instead of just side stepping it), Crystal Rarity(empowered by the Crystal Heart), Spike hitting puberty(snirk), etc..
Natural progression of power type stuff. If they make Twilight feel superior too long, the show WILL lose ratings. She is an Observational Main Character, and does not have the charisma or dynamics of a true main character to sway the entire fanbase.
bdiddy20128 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
now now twilight just because you have wings now doesnt make you faster than rainbow dash
Fragnostic Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My three favorite ponies (just right after Luna)!
ElliotxClaris Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
What about her mane and tail?
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Twi just needs a bowtie now. Bowties are cool.
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I have wings now, wings are cool
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I can see some good moments to come from it.
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great solution
Dreams-hold-Ambition Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You think they realize Twilight's magic could just either undo/remove/cut the rope?
dm29 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If she wants to… The implication here is that she doesn't want to make the others feel different. (or not)
Dreams-hold-Ambition Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh! Sorry I guess I didn't fully understand.
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so does this mean the show is reaching it's end?
Pink--Champagne Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
I have felt season 3 has been worse than 2 (2 was my favorite.) I think it's over the hill, but I don't think it's quite nearing the end yet. Season 4 will determine that.
SD-DOGWOOD Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is true the 3 season has felt week and the episodes where something big is about to happen just resolved to quick and become rather anticlimactic.Like the one with the return of discord that should have been a 2 part episode but sadly it became a short tale in what could have been an epic saga.
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